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SHANGHAI KING-ND MAGNET CO., LTD. Founded in 2008, the production base is located in Ningbo, the magnetic capital. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of rare earth NdFeB. NdFeB was put into production in 2008, and it has formed a complete industrial chain from rare earth permanent magnet blank material to finished products.
Currently, we are equipped with high-precision testing instruments and automatic and semi-automatic production lines. The technology of low-heavy rare earth, dysprosium-free technology, and dysprosium and terbium infiltration processes have entered stable batch production, and the product stability and consistency have been well received by customers.


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Area covered


Investment of $7.69 million


Annual sales of $61.54M

At present, the company focuses on the fields of new energy vehicles, power tools, industrial automation, motors, sensors, magnetic components and other consumer electronics, as well as the production and sales of high, fine and special magnetic steel in other industries. The company has a complete material supply chain and production chain and a full series of performance brand sintered NdFeB permanent magnet products. It is equipped with high-precision testing instruments and automatic and semi-automatic production lines in the industry. The rare earth technology with less weight, no dysprosium technology and dysprosium and terbium digitizing processes have entered batch and stable production. The product stability and consistency have been praised by many customers in the industry. And has passed ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and other system certification. The company has set up a number of laboratories and test rooms, the test items include weightlessness test, PCT test, Baig test, high temperature and high humidity test, cold and hot impact test, salt spray test, etc. Laboratory test ability includes: product performance test, component analysis, etc. 

First-class testing equipment and testing equipment and many years of industry experience of practitioners, strict control of incoming inspection, process inspection and shipment inspection management, integrated production process control, to create stable product quality, high-quality customer service.

We sincerely look forward to long-term cooperation with all customers for mutual benefit and win-win results.