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Different sizes of Bonded Ferrite Magnet

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Bonded ferrite, also known as plastic magnet, is a magnet formed by pressing molding(The  production method is mainly used to produce flexible magnets), extrusion molding. (The production method of extrusion molding is mainly used to produce extruded magnetic strips)and injection molding. (The production method of injection molding is mainly used to produce rigid plastic magnets) after mixing ferrite magnetic powder and resin (PA6/PA12/PA66/PPS), among which injection ferrite is the main one. Its characteristic is that it can not only be magnetized by axial single pole, but also by multi-pole radial magnetization, and it even can also be magnetized by axial and radial compound magnetization.

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Magnetic Characteristics and Physical Properties of Bonded NdFeB


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Bonded Ferrite magnet features:

1.Can be made into permanent magnets of small sizes, complex shapes and high geometric accuracy with press moulding and injection moulding. Easy to achieve large-scale automated production.

2.Can be magnetized via any direction. Multi poles or even countless poles can be realized in bonded Ferrite.

3. Bonded Ferrite magnets are widely used in all kinds of micro motors, such as spindle motor, synchronous motor, stepper motor, DC motor, brushless motor, etc.

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